How Desperate Do You Want To Make Money?

Will Stuffing Envelopes Home Help?

Your Desperate Bid to Make 'EASY' Money Online, is another persons ticket to Make Money Out of You.

  You see a money making opportunity such as Stuffing Envelopes Home for $100's and you jump. They promise you a payment scheme as follows;

envelope stuffing from home Stuff 100 Envelopes - $300 / Week
envelope stuffing from home Stuff 200 Envelopes - $600 / Week
envelope stuffing from home Stuff 300 Envelopes - $900 / Week
Stuffing Envelopes Home Stuff 400 Envelopes - $1200 / Week
envelope stuffing from home Stuff 800 Envelopes - $2400 / Week


This does sound attractive and I would be guilty in saying that I didn't think about it myself whenever I started making money on the internet. It was simple, easy and it sounded like terrific pay.

However, take a second to consider what this really is;

First off, The US and UK Postal Inspectors say that this home based business of envelope stuffing is the biggest scam without ever having the promised pay outs.

How The SCAM Works

 What company would be in profit if they paid that kind of money for stuffing envelopes, which machines can now do. There are machines that can stuff envelopes in there 100's in minutes. These machines cost around a $1000. So the company would make there money back after one round of envelope stuffing.


Ok, you see the ad, exactly the way you have landed on this website. You are promised great money for easy work and to be told the 'secret method', you have to donate a trust fee of 'X' amount of dollars. Sometimes this is really cheap as it guarantee's a payment without too much doubt, but sometimes, people fall for high fees as well. Regardless, your scam is complete, what you pay, you have lost, providing direct profit to the advertiser.

Now the advertiser gets his money, he sends you an envelope with instructions on how to do the same thing, stuff information, hoping people will pay you for the same method. You may actually make money, however, it is not legit, it is not reliable and the law is stamping down on this scam.

Even if you did want to do this, advertisements and time consumption would be far to great for the money made.

Warning Sign for Envelope Stuffing Home Scams 

Machines stuff the same amount of envelopes for a fraction of the price and half the time. If this method was real, everybody would be working from home. However, when someone gets scammed, they don't want to broadcast it to the world. This is why the scam still works today.

You make the money by hiring more people. So what happens is, your hired, from which you hire others, who then hires others. This is known as a pyramid scheme. 99% of these schemes are scams. There is no real product at the end, but simply misleading people into paying for nothing.

There are many ways to make money online, ways that will work with determination and motivation. They can be very reliable, consistent and eventually automated.

Do Not TRUST the Get Rich Quick Schemes

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